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Physician assisted suicide legislation in Maryland is dangerous, unnecessary, and puts lives at risk.   

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In 2017, legislation was again filed in the Maryland General Assembly that would allow doctors to legally prescribe a lethal dose of medicine at the request of a patient who has been deemed mentally competent and who has received a terminal diagnosis -- we call this physician-assisted suicide or PAS. These...


  • PAS legislation in MD hasn’t passed for 3 straight years. Here’s why:

  • PAS legislation in MD was defeated 3 yrs in a row. But the fight isn't over. It’s happening all over the country

  • Just because we won in MD doesn’t mean the PAS issue is over. Learn about the fight in states like Maine & Nevada

  • Studies say kids are likely to experiment w/RX drugs We can’t expect them to act differently w/suicide prescriptions

  • Studies show kids experiment w/ RX drugs. If suicide pills are in the house what stops kids from abusing those too