The Battle Continues in California

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The California Legislature snuck through the passage of assisted suicide in a special session, and the Governor signed that bill into law, as many of you know.  Needless to say, we were not happy with this development.

That’s why we’re as unsurprised as we are thrilled to see some real pushback.

We’re hearing reports that an effort to overturn the new assisted suicide measure is now underway. According to multiple sources, a coalition that was coordinated by the Knights of Columbus’ Southern California Chapter began collecting signatures across Los Angeles the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Those signatures will go towards supporting a statewide referendum seeking to repeal the End of Life Option Act, which is on track to take effect this coming spring.

The organizers feel confident that they will collect the necessary signatures by the deadline, thanks to the extensive efforts of volunteers who are making the signature drive possible.  The Los Angeles Times reported on the authorization of a ballot referendum a few weeks ago, and there is now a real push to get a vote.

Signatures are due by January 4th.

We feel confident that they will get the needed signatures to fight back against the nationwide push to legalize assisted suicide.  Their resolve makes us proud, and we hope that Marylanders show just as much resolve!

Take action today.

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