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Thanks to you, the physician-assisted suicide bills were withdrawn from further consideration in Maryland in 2017. 


Although a bill will not pass in 2017, we know that it will be re-filed in 2018 and the proponents will pull out all the stops in order to pass it. We encourage you to stay tuned about when you should contact your legislators in the future about this important issue. 
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  • More and more Canadian doctors are starting to realize that physician-assisted suicide is not “death with dignity”

  • Lethal drugs are just one of the reasons why more doctors in Canada have stopped taking part in PAS

  • Minors already abuse & accidentally use RX drugs. Adding legal and lethal drugs to the mix will make things worse

  • Did you know? More than 1/3 suicide drugs have gone unused in Oregon since PAS was legalized in 1997.

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