Assisted Suicide Legislation Defeated in Colorado

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We are regaining momentum.

After our Maryland House and Senate hearings, conveying strong opposition with clear and cogent points, we have plenty of work left to do.  But we are confident in our progress, and the opposition to these proposals around the country is harder and harder to ignore.

Just ask the people of Colorado.  The assisted suicide proposal there was withdrawn by legislators, because they quite simply knew it didn’t have enough support.

Check out the report from the Denver Post:

“Colorado’s physician-assisted suicide bill, the proposed End of Life Options Act, faced long odds a long time before Wednesday morning, but it was a rare move for House Democrats to move it off the calendar before any floor debate.
Democrats didn’t have the votes to pass it, so the bill’s sponsors chose not to put fellow legislators torn over the issue — with their own consciences, as well as their November voters — in a position to have to take a position.”
This is the rub, across the country, including Maryland: this issue is not settled.  This proposal has many unanswered questions, and supporters simply don’t want to hear about them.  With that, the debate breaks down.

Can we really ask legislators to consider this bill with so much at stake and so many questions on the table?  We wholeheartedly say no.

We hope that you agree, and will ask your legislators to consider opposition.

This debate is simply unsettled, and until supporters want to grapple with the legitimate concerns, it cannot continue.


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