Another State Revisiting Assisted Suicide

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More and more states are considering assisted suicide, and Arizona now joins the list of states that have considered this measure recently, rejected it, and face it once again.

The report from the Prescott Daily Courier has the details, and it outlines how this proposal has now actually been considered multiple times in Arizona.  Still, the fundamental truth here in Maryland is just as true in Arizona; opponents of the measure say hospice and other end-of-life care providers offer the support necessary to make people comfortable in their final moments.

We need to drive that message home.  Hospice and palliative care need to be expanded and given the full extent of necessary resources — not discounted for the sake of convenience.

According to the report, the legislation is likely to face several hurdles on its way to becoming law.  Majorities in both chambers of the Legislature oppose physician assisted suicide, along with Gov. Doug Ducey.

Still that isn’t stopping the proponents of assisted suicide, with national coordination and pressure, from attempting to force this policy on people.  Even as we hear from more and more individuals who are ready and willing to help defeat this proposal, we also hear about the increased push toward enactment.

Your support is more important than ever.

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