Another State Joins the Fray: Utah to Consider PAS

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We are stunned by persistence of physician assisted suicide supporters.  The latest reason for our shock comes out of Utah.

Proponents of physician assisted suicide in the Utah State Legislature are going to take up PAS in its upcoming legislative session despite, like so many other states, including here in Maryland, they lost in 2015.  There has been no suggestion of meaningful changes to the bill; they are just going to try it again, because they think they have some positive momentum.

Just like here in Maryland, folks like us will state unequivocally that this is a bad idea.  The resolve that we will need to show here only grows when the proponents try to falsely portray this issue as having consensus.

Some reports out of Utah indicate better polling on assisted suicide.  Looking at the numbers they report, however, we find that to be a bit of a stretch; only 35% of adults polled said that they definitely support physician assisted suicide!  How is that a clear mandate?

You can take a look at the reports for yourself, but this is just another example of the coordinated efforts of assisted suicide proponents.  2016 will see a more prevalent debate on this issue than anywhere else in the country.

We will be ready to make our case.

Please take action today and help us out in Maryland.


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