A Relentless Onslaught

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We have to stay vigilant in our effort to defeat physician assisted suicide, and perhaps even beyond that hopeful success.  This is because even in states where the decision seems clear, the proponents of this misguided policy do not quit.

In New York State, a court battle has been waged alongside the legislative one.  The New York State Supreme Court threw out the case to press for authorization to administer assisted suicide, an authorization sought even though it is decidedly illegal in the state.

The lower court had decided against that, and the Supreme Court saw this as a completed adjudication.  Is that enough to stop the proponents from pressing forward?

Take a wild guess.

In Politico New York, they cover the decision to fight and overturn that decision, fighting to be heard in front of the Supreme Court after they’ve already said no.  This shows you their persistence.  They are fully aware that the New York Legislature is also considering an assisted suicide legalization bill, and they want to keep this added court pressure on. 

As the story states the lawyer representing the attorney general’s office argued that the lower court was correct to dismiss the original case because the statute itself is clear, and the courts already have ruled it constitutional.  The message is clear: figure this out legislatively.

We need you to contact your Maryland legislator and make it clear that assisted suicide is not simply wrong, it’s dangerous.

This has to happen, because we know just how motivated the supporters are.

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