Worth the Read: “Assisted Death Laws Won’t Make It Better to Die in the US”

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Sometimes, in trying to convey information about why legalizing assisted suicide is a dangerous decision for Maryland, we come across a piece written elsewhere that puts a key point in this debate better than we ever could.

Wired Magazine did just that recently, and the title of their piece was unambiguous: “Assisted Death Laws Won’t Make It Better to Die in the US”.

We hope that you’ll take the time to read this piece.

The crux of this article is so important to convey.  We are ignoring the fundamental flaw in our healthcare system when it comes to terminal illness.  There are so many opportunities to improve the way we think about death, and the way that doctors can not only extend life, but make that extension comfortable and meaningful. 

Assisted suicide completely misses that point and admits defeat in end-of-life care.

There are too many excerpts to highlight here so, again, please take some time and read this excellent article.


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