Relentless PAS Proponents Arguing in NY Appeals Court

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Today we are flagging some news that shows yet another fully unsettled debate over assisted suicide.  In addition to being a dangerous policy, some states consider assisted suicide to be illegal.  That isn’t stopping proponents of assisted suicide from trying to force the issue.

One such attempt will come soon in New York, which currently has an assisted suicide law on the books, considering the attempt to “intentionally cause or aid another person to attempt suicide” as a felony.

According to the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, assisted suicide proponents are attempting to challenge this law in the Appellate Division of the state’s Supreme Court.  The challenge comes from these proponents appealing a previous court decision to throw out their case.  This law is on the books and, as such, the lower court saw no ground for their legal challenge. 

The effort comes as the New York Legislature prepares to consider assisted suicide legislation next year, but we know there will thankfully be a strong objection on that front.  Even in a state that shows clear aversion to the dangerous policy of assisted suicide, this is more proof that proponents will stop at nothing to advance this unsound policy.

We need to maintain our resolve, and we need to be sure that our elected officials here in Maryland know that assisted suicide is a bad idea.

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