Urgent! PAS Supporters are Mobilizing

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We need your help! Supporters of physician-assisted suicide are actively mobilizing their members to influence the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee before they vote this week on the proposed legislation – House Bill 399 and Senate Bill 311. They are trying to flood the Committee with letters of support, and we need to do the same.

In advance of this first Senate vote, we need to make sure as many people as possible contact these five members of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. These five Senators could help us ensure that the physician-assisted suicide legislation does not pass out of Committee.

Senator Bobby Zirkin – District 11 (Committee Chairman)


Senator Jill Carter – District 41


Senator Katie Fry Hester – District 9


Senator Susan Lee – District 16


Senator Mary Washington – District 43

We need to make sure these members know the very real dangers of this proposed legislation. So, before they are able to vote, please call and email the Committee members who are listed above and respectfully ask them to vote NO on House Bill 399 and Senate Bill 311.

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