Physician Assisted Suicide Bill Officially Filed for 2019

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Here’s how to help right now

This week, legislation was filed in the Maryland General Assembly that seeks to legalize the practice of physician assisted suicide. These bills – House Bill 399 and Senate Bill 311 – which are often referred to as “Death with dignity” or “aid in dying” by its proponents, are similar to the proposals that have rightly failed year after year.  We need your help to stop it.

Critically, the bill sponsors have not made any changes to the substance of the bill that addresses any of the serious concerns that have been raised by our coalition and allies over the four-plus years we have fought this proposal. All of the major issues remain.  

The physician assisted suicide bill filed this year in Maryland is just as flawed as it has always been, but it already has a hearing just two weeks from today and our coalition needs to make its voice heard.

The best way you can help us defeat HB 399 and SB 311 right now is to contact your legislators here and tell them that you oppose this bill. 

The lack of significant changes proves what we’ve been saying for years: there are no safeguards that can truly protect against the coercion and abuse of vulnerable populations. There is no legislative solution to the fact that doctors cannot accurately predict a 6 month terminal diagnosis. There is no way to cover up in legislation that patients in states where this is legal are requesting the lethal drugs because they feel like they are a burden on their family, not because they are in pain. Critically, we know that dangerous prescription drugs can end up on the street, and this could put gasoline on that already blazing fire. 

Yet, with all of these problems, we have the same national advocacy group, Compassion and Choices, refusing to recognize these concerns and pushing these proposals on Maryland. That’s wrong.

It’s up to us to let the Maryland General Assembly know that we will fight this once again.

Thank you for taking this important step. We will be in touch soon with more ways to help, but if you want to get more involved right away email us at and let us know.

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