Op-Ed: J.J. Hanson Makes the Case

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There are few more advocates in the country who are more committed to fighting against assisted suicide than Marine Corps Veteran and cancer survivor J.J. Hanson, and J.J. had the opportunity to tell his story and comprehensively make his case in a compelling op-ed for the Newark Star-Ledger.

The lede of his piece is straightforward: “I am a 30-something Marine Corps veteran who was given four months to live 20 months ago — diagnosed with glioblastoma brain cancer.”

J.J.’s story is a powerful example for those with cancer that fight to stay alive, and an equally powerful warning against the risk of admitting defeat to our biggest medical challenges.  As he puts it so eloquently, “Often, I wonder if I would still be alive if I had the legal assisted suicide drugs at my bedside when I was fighting through those difficult days.”

With the cancer now in remission, after 20 harrowing months of battle, J.J. Hanson is fighting for patients, in his home state of New Jersey and all across the country, who face equal or greater challenges, to let them know that winning is an option.  The fight is also for medicine and healthcare to maintain that same drive for success.

We must take this same zeal to our advocacy against the legislation that is forthcoming in the Maryland General Assembly.  J.J.’s words are a pep talk like no other.

This op-ed is a must-read from start to finish, and we also encourage you to share his words.

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