No Physician-Assisted Suicide Bill for Maryland This Session

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Good news in the fight against PAS!  Proponents have backed down and Maryland legislators have held off on filing a physician-assisted suicide bill this session. This is very likely due to an election year with legislators hesitant to take controversial votes. This is also an acknowledgement from proponents that there are strong arguments against this bill and significant opposition around the state on an issue that has failed to pass over the last three sessions.

Last session’s bill was criticized as dangerously flawed, specifically because it would endanger vulnerable populations, such as the elderly and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, opening the door for abuse and coercion. There has also been a significant push against legalizing PAS from the medical community.

While is this is a win, we know that the fight is far from over. We fully expect that next year, legislators will once again file this dangerous legislation and proponents from around the country will be back in Annapolis. We must make sure that we keep up the fight and are prepared to counter their efforts.

In the meantime, our neighbors in Delaware are getting closer to passing PAS legislation. In January House Bill 160 was been on the agenda in front of the House, but instead the adjourned for a 6 week budget break without taking a vote. This is likely because legislators are hearing from opponents surrounding some of the significant flaws of this legislation. But soon they will be back in session and making another push.

Please help us fight this dangerous bill in Delaware by calling your friends and family and having them call their legislators in opposition to HB 160.

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