In case you missed it: Utah Postponing Assisted Suicide Debate

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We have been thrilled with the positive developments in Maryland.  So much so that we haven’t kept folks up to speed on the positive developments continuing around the country, fighting back against the misguided policy of physician assisted suicide.

One such example of continued vigilance paying off is in Utah, where the legislature decided to end discussion on proposed assisted suicide legislation.

The Desert News covered this story which shows the Utah Legislature took a clear stance on this proposed bill: they need to learn more about this before we can consider moving forward.

With that, they decided on sending the bill to an official study order, which gives the opportunity for further review, and means that passage is out of the question this year.  This decision to send the legislation to study was issued with last year’s assisted suicide legislation as well.

So that makes two years in a row.  Why the same result?  Because these bills are critically flawed and its supporters refuse to attempt any sort of compromise. 

This sort of brute force approach is wrong, and we commend Utah for realizing that real questions need to be answered about physician assisted suicide.

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