Harsh Reality: How Assisted Suicide Hits the Poor

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There’s a harsh reality that we’ve covered from different angles before, and it provides one of the starkest examples of how deep the damage can penetrate if we legalize assisted suicide: there is significant evidence of a disproportionate impact on those who already struggle with healthcare. 

In this case, we are talking generally about those who are financially unstable.  The Daily Signal has published a powerful piece titled “How California’s New Assisted Suicide Law Could Especially Hurt the Poor”

The piece covers the potential damage we may do if we allow for assisted suicide.

This piece and others like it are critical to our cause.  We need to show people that this could have a dangerous snowball effect in terms of how the healthcare industry views end-of-life care. 

Financial incentives should not become the predominant force for determining the best course of action.  We can do better than that.

Please share this article and be mindful of how these with the most on their shoulders could now face even more pressure; recognize that we could be entering a world in which pushing away those with the greatest need becomes the prevailing option in medicine.




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