Continued Pressure Fighting Back Against PAS in New York

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We have great news to report from the assisted suicide debate raging in New York State, where the national leadership of assisted suicide proponents have concentrated their efforts after so many recent losses.

They may need to prepare for another defeat, as the coalitions of people negatively impacted by assisted suicide continue to gain strength.

The New York Association on Independent Living (NYAIL) is a statewide, not-for-profit membership association created by and composed of Independent Living Centers across New York State, has come out strongly in opposition to assisted suicide.

Their statement is worth reading in full as they go line by line on the key reasons for opposing assisted suicide.  Most pressing to them is this simple truth: “Assisted suicide legislation reinforces the idea that people with disabilities are burdensome and our lives are not worth living. Fears of becoming disabled and facing functional loss are often reported by doctors as reasons patients request assisted suicide.”

Please read their statement, and remember that the national coalition opposing physician assisted suicide gains strength every day.  We will defeat this nationwide with continued vigilance.

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