“Compassion” Lobby says Evaluating Mental Illness is “Excessive”

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Compassion and Choices, the out-of-state interest group that has been pushing for the legalization of physician-assisted suicide in Maryland, sent out a press release this morning urging the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee not to adopt any “excessive amendments.” Of the amendments that this out-of-state group has deemed “excessive,” the most troubling is one that requires a psychiatric evaluation.

By deeming mental health evaluations as “excessive,” Compassion and Choices is saying that the success of this flawed proposal is more important than attempts to protect those individuals who have a mental illness.

We are asking that if you share OUR commitment to mental health, please call and email the Committee members who are listed below. Respectfully ask them to stand with us in our commitment to mental health by voting NO on House Bill 399 and Senate Bill 311.

Senator Bobby Zirkin – District 11 (Committee Chairman)


Senator Jill Carter – District 41


Senator Katie Fry Hester – District 9


Senator Susan Lee – District 16


Senator Mary Washington – District 43

You can read the full Compassion and Choices press release here.

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