Canada’s Push for Assisted Suicide Reaffirms the Need for Vigilance

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Without question, we are pleased with the continued positive developments that we’ve seen around the United States, fighting back against a coordinated push for legalizing assisted suicide.  That said, we are occasionally forced to remember that this overall debate is far from over, and that it is happening around the world.

Despite some clear evidence that this issue is not settled, Canada’s Prime Minister is now indeed moving forward with a PAS legalization effort.  More from the New York Times:

“The government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introduced legislation on Thursday to legalize physician-assisted suicide for Canadians with a ‘serious and incurable illness,’ which has brought them ‘enduring physical or psychological suffering’…The bill would allow consenting adults ‘capable of making decisions with respect to their health’ to choose to end their own lives or seek assistance in doing so from their doctors. A physician must decide that ‘natural death has become reasonably foreseeable, taking into account all of their medical circumstances.’”

Some very troubling elements from this report are enough for several blog posts, not the least of which are the “psychological suffering” qualification and the general vagueness of the proposal. 

Please make sure you stay informed about the fight in Maryland, because the pressure to pass this law here will only strengthen if such a bill is passed into law in Canada.

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