Canada’s Liberal Government to PAS Advocates: Naïve to Rush This

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In another update from the heated debate going on in Canada, we now can confirm that liberalism does not require support of physician assisted suicide.

The newly elected government in Canada, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is considered one of the most progressive of any major nation in the world.  That was what made their sound, reasoned request from the Supreme Court for further time to deliberate implementation of assisted suicide so astounding.

This is not about being progressive or conservative; it’s about being smart.

Last week, the Toronto Star reported on the federal government’s defense of that request for more time.  The request for a six-month extension was to ensure “a thoughtful, sensitive and well-informed response.”

Unsurprisingly, assisted suicide proponents are kicking and screaming.  The report notes that several parties have filed arguments on the federal request, and the Supreme Court is likely to issue a ruling soon.

The federal government’s response – a response from a widely acclaimed progressive government – was crystal clear: the proponent arguments “demonstrate a striking naiveté concerning the policy development and legislative processes, and ignore the existence of a ‘constitutional dialogue’ between the courts and the legislatures.”

We have an obligation to patients who are facing some of the toughest moments of their lives to make sure that we get this right; end-of-life care is a multifaceted process, and the desire to come up with a speedy, dismissive solution does not serve anyone.

Again, that’s not liberal or progressive; that’s common-sense.

We need to have a real discussion in Maryland about the best way to improve end-of-life care.  Closing off the debate to nothing but assisted suicide is simply wrong.

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