Physician assisted suicide bill filed in maryland

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Bills to legalize physician assisted suicide have been filed in the Maryland General Assembly – a version in the House and one in the Senate. 

As part of a national effort to legalize physician assisted suicide, the group Compassion and Choices (formerly the Hemlock Society) has convinced a group of legislators in the House and Senate to file so-called “death with dignity” bills in the General Assembly this session. 

We know these bills are seriously flawed, unnecessary, and dangerous. The problem is the members of the General Assembly have not been convinced. 

In the House, there are 38 co-sponsors of the bill. You can see more detail about that bill, including the bill text, here: Maryland House Bill 1021

In the Senate, there are 8 co-sponsors. You can read that bill and associated background information here: Maryland Senate Bill 676. 

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