Another Piece of Evidence that the Fight Continues in Colorado

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As we have previously covered, Colorado’s assisted suicide proposal was withdrawn by legislators because they knew it didn’t have enough support.

The Denver Post reported then on how Colorado House Democrats made the “rare move” to move the assisted suicide bill off the calendar before any floor debate because they knew it was unsettled.  Again, this is the rub, across the country: this issue is not settled.  There are many arguments about why this bill is a bad idea, and supporters simply ignore them. 

And yet…a coordinated effort to legalize assisted suicide continues in Colorado.  This time, proponents have decided to press for a ballot initiative.

The Denver Post covered the infuriating yet predictable news:

“A small organization hopes to put assisted suicide in the state constitution and roil the national debate with a ballot question that would go much further than previous failed attempts in Colorado…Initiative 100, a proposed constitutional amendment, would allow people who have an incurable degenerative illness — such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease or even kidney disease or diabetes — to hasten death.”

While we always expect to see continued pressure by assisted suicide proponents, this is a proposal that does include some surprises.  Namely, the expansion of qualifying conditions that proponents typically shy away from is part of this plan.  In a way, we think this shows the true colors of proponents – this is where we’re heading.

That kind of hand-tipping is exactly what reinforces our resolve to defeat these measures, and we will continue to work on doing so.

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