Another Example of Hospice Care’s Benefits

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We’re always thrilled to convey the fact that hospice and palliative care workers are critical to end-of-life care, and we can’t stress enough that they show true grace in the face of notable adversity.

Once again, we have a prime example in the great state of Maryland.  Take a look at the report from the Baltimore Sun:

“Hospice care is about providing comfort at the end of life, and [John] O’Malley knows that what he does helps ease the suffering of his patients and the burdens of their families.  It wasn’t that long ago that he was on the receiving end of that comfort and support when his wife was in the end stages of cancer.  The nurses at Gilchrist Hospice Care’s Towson, Md., inpatient center not only attended to her physical and emotional needs, they cared for him and helped him prepare for her dying.”

The entire story is deeply moving.  Please take some time to read.

Another reminder: more than 300,000 people staff these hospice and palliative care facilities, and their work adds up to 16 million total hours of service.

Let’s build on that positive contribution.

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