Another Doctor Speaks Out, This Time in Oregon

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We continue to hear from doctors who raise concerns about legalizing assisted suicide, and these are doctors living and practicing in the states that have already legalized or are facing a full court press from “Compassion and Choices” the main group pushing for these laws around the country (formerly known as the “Hemlock Society” in case you were not aware).

This dispatch comes from Dr. Kenneth Stevens of Oregon, a cancer physician with over 40 years of experience, a Professor Emeritus and a former Chair of the Department of Radiation Oncology, Oregon Health & Sciences University in Portland, OR.  Dr. Stevens has treated thousands of patients with cancer.

He could not be more emphatically against assisted suicide.

Take a look at Dr. Stevens’ recent Letter to the Editor in the Altamont Enterprise, a newspaper in New York State – currently considering its own assisted suicide legislation.  The letter is succinct but powerful:

“Our assisted-suicide law was passed in 1997. In 2000, one of my patients was adamant she would use our law. Over several visits, I stalled her and ultimately convinced her to be treated instead. Fifteen years later, she is thrilled to be alive.”

This is the kind of perspective that the medical community consistently brings, but the prevailing wisdom is ignored in the face of intense lobbying pressure from proponents of assisted suicide.

We need to continue our efforts to share the facts and convince Maryland’s General Assembly to rethink this misguided proposal.

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