An Incredible, Local Story on Noble Hospice Work

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As we’ve stated before, hospice and palliative care workers are absolutely astounding care providers, who show true grace in the face of notable adversity.

We endeavor to share stories of this grace and nobility on occasion, and this story of hospice volunteer work would be excellent to share no matter where it came from.  As it turns out, this story came from Hagerstown, Maryland.

As reported in the Herald-Mail, for an installment of their “Holiday Angels” series, a volunteer for Hospice of Washington County “is a carpenter by trade who uses those talents to help the organization and hospice families.”

From the report, we learned that the volunteer’s first exposure to hospice “was when his younger sister was dying of cancer in 2005.  He wanted to give back to the organization that helped both his and his wife’s family on other occasions since then.”

This kind of commitment to helping those in need is truly remarkable, and we can all learn from that example.

Again, because it’s worth reiterating over and over, more than 300,000 people staff these hospice and palliative care facilities, and their work adds up to 16 million total hours of service.

We will dedicate ourselves to honoring this work and expanding upon it in the New Year.

We hope that you join us as well.

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