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Physician assisted suicide legislation in Maryland is dangerous, unnecessary, and puts lives at risk.   

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During the 2015 and 2016 Maryland General Assembly sessions, legislation was introduced that would allow doctors to legally prescribe a lethal dose of medicine at the request of a patient who has been deemed mentally competent and who has received a terminal diagnosis -- we call this physician-assisted suicide or PAS....


  • Confused why some states allow suicide for 1 class of people while working hard to prevent it among others? Us too.

  • The logical and moral arguments against PAS bring clarity to why PAS laws are wrong. #NoPASMD

  • California has recently sanctioned assisted suicide for the most mentally ill patients. How is this allowed?

  • Please RT. The truly vulnerable – those with severe mental illness – now qualify for “death with dignity” in CA.

  • In summary, there is no logical way to support legal #PAS that does not discriminate, and flawed state bills only worsen issue 9/9